​What began back in 1973 with a group of softball players has turned into a household name for some. The Latin Souls Baseball Organization began with these men you

see on the left. Most are still around and some have passed away. Their love for the game and along with the passion that Mr. Rosado has now brought this Organization to a 40 year milestone.

The Latin Souls were known as the "bad boys" of baseball once upon a time. Many other programs knew that if Latin Souls were coming to their ball field that they better have their "A-game" on. Many of the competitors prepared their ball players for stiff competition when Latin Souls entered the territory.

We have now grown into a in-house and travelling program that provides fundamental, instructional and competitive ball playing for children ages 5 through 16.

Latin Souls Baseball has been around nearly 40 years and to this very day, we always speak to people who say, "Wow, you guys are still around"?

Yes, my friends we are still around.

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